Why I Will Not Vote for Romney, or Obama, on Tuesday

I am just going to bullet point why I will not vote for any Democrat, or Republican, for any office on Tuesday, and why I am likely to never vote for anyone in either party for any position, federal, state, or local. Please keep in mind that I have every intention of voting on Tuesday.  Just because I will not vote for any candidate in either party does not mean I will not vote.  There are alternative parties and candidates that I will be voting for, and even in the “voting for” there will be some intentional “voting against” as well.

I also want to respond to some arguments I have heard from very good friends when they found out I would not vote for Romney, or any other Republican.  I still intend on being very good friends with them before, during, and after they vote differently than I do.  It is their conscience they must live with, not mine.  My encouragement to everyone is to vote in such a way that your conscience will not keep you up at night.  If that means voting for Romney or Obama, so be it.  As Martin Luther said at the Diet of Worms, to go against conscience is neither right, nor safe.

Finally, I want to explore some theological considerations regarding politics and elections.  This blog is, primarily, intended to be about theology.

So, first, here are the bullet points I have against voting for Romney, Obama, Democrats, and Republicans.

Democrats and Obama

  1. Obama Care.  Largest tax increase in history, with no Constitutional justification.  In fact, despite what Chief Justice John Roberts seems to think, Obama care is a direct violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments.  Further, Individual and corporate welfare is something that is not granted to the federal government to have any involvement in.  And Congress should really read a bill before they vote on it.
  2. Bailouts.  Again, a violation of the 9th and 10th Amendments.  It is immoral, and reprehensible for any government, at any level, to pick winners and losers in the private sector.  In a free market, there is risk, and no company is too big to fail.  Bush may have signed off on TARP, but Obama voted for it.
  3. Where is the budget?  Unless I am wrong, the Democrats have yet to submit a budget for consideration, while the Republicans have submitted several.
  4. Federal Reserve.  The existence of the Federal Reserve, and its function is a direct violation of Article 1, Section 8, clause 5 of the Constitution, and they have no discernable interest in repealing the Federal Reserve Act.  So, we can expect more bailouts, as well as more quantitative easing.
  5. Abortion.  I am pro life.  The Democrat party is not.  I believe that the right to life should be codified in the Constitution via the amendment process.
  6. Marriage.  Marriage is a function of the church, not the state.  It should not be regulated by the state at any level.  I support marriage in the context of one man and one woman.  I do not support gay marriage.  But, I do not support the state being involved in that decision.  Marriage is a theological notion first, and therefore should be something for the church to debate, not the government.  It has become an issue by which candidates on both sides of the issue can use to hold power over voters that they agree with, all while using it as a means of distraction.  Take away the issue from the government, and you take away a little power that politicians should not have to begin with.  Leave marriage as an issue for individual congregations to figure out, not politicians more interested in staying in power than rightly dealing with the issue.  If that means doing away with certain tax advantages with being married, then so be it.
  7. War.  Democrats talk a good game for peace, but when it comes to war, they are just as guilty as Republicans when it comes to the unconstitutionality of the War Powers Act.  Declaring war belongs with Congress, not the President, as per the Constitution.  But Democrats want their guy to be the war time president as much as the Republicans want it for their guy.  Let war be decided by Congress, and instead of giving lip service to not being the world police, returning the authority of declare war to the Congress, we will actually stop being the world police.
  8. Convention shenanigans.  If you plan on voting for Democrats, you will get more of this

Republicans and Romney

  1. Romney says he will repeal Obama Care.  But what will he replace it with?  Do not blind yourself to the fact that Romney Care is the stated basis for Obama Care.  What in Romney’s history would lead anyone to believe Romney will do any better?
  2. Federal Reserve.  Romney supports it.  Ryan supported TARP.  Although it “offended his principles”, it didn’t offend them enough to keep Ryan from voting for the bailout.  A bailout that had no Constitutional authority.  Don’t believe me on the quote?  Watch this.  Seems similar to what Bush said when he signed TARP.  He said he was abandoning free market principles, in order to save the free market.
  3. Abortion.  For 40 years, the GOP has promised that they would end Roe vs. Wade.  Hasn’t happened.  In fact, we haven’t even seen an amendment to the Constitution even get to the point of consideration.  Sorry, but after 40 years of nothing, I don’t believe the GOP anymore.  And Romney does not have a pro life history.  He is hoping that you will ignore his history, and believe his rhetoric. Personally, I have been given that speech one too many times, and I don’t buy it anymore.
  4. Marriage.  Republicans are just as guilty as the Democrats when it comes to the issue of marriage.  DOMA is out of step with the major theme of the Constitution, and marriage is a theological matter, not a political matter.  It is just another issue that the GOP holds over the heads of the voters, making the GOP faithful fear that if the Republican candidate is not elected, we will see gay marriage become the status quo.  Take the issue away from the politicians, and let the church deal with the matter.  Take it away from the federal, state and local politicians, and take back powers that belong to the people, not the state.
  5. War.  Just like the Democrats, the Republicans want their guy to be in charge of a war or 2.  While giving lip service to not wanting to be the worlds police, the Republicans seem quite content to get us into every conflict in the world.  I am not opposed to war, but the Constitution has a process for that, and the War Powers Act is not a Constitutional remedy.  No one man should have the decision to send men to their deaths.  That is within the powers delegated to Congress, not the president.  Romney promises more war, just like the Democrats.
  6. Judicial appointments.  Every Republican thought that John Roberts was the best replacement for William Rehnquist.  Then comes Obama Care, and what does he do?  He calls it a tax, which Obama said it wasn’t, so that he could get it passed in Congress, but his attorney said it was so that the Supreme Court would pass it.  And Roberts was appointed by a Republican.  What do you think will happen when a less conservative Republican appoints someone to the Supreme Court.
  7. Convention and primary shenanigans.  Lots of them.  HereHereHere. HereHereHere.  This is not the party I grew up believing in any more.  If the Republicans get power back on Tuesday, they will most assuredly govern in the way they have conducted their primaries and convention.  Much of what happened in these videos is akin to election tampering.  Federal law demands jail time for such actions.

There is more that I could add, but at the end of the day, neither party is bound to the Constitution.  And both parties  are only interested in keeping themselves in power.  I cannot have any part in putting either party, or either of these candidates in power.  If I vote against anything, it will be against both parties.  In my view, one party is no better than the other.  They are both equally corrupt, and equally disdainful of the Constitution.

Responding to issues raised

  1. “A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.” For someone like me, who has made an ideological shift away from the Republican party, this statement will only harden the resolve against both parties.  You will first have to convince me that Romney is actually significantly different than Obama.  That includes convincing me that his history, and current positions will not drive the country off a cliff.  And driving it off slower than Obama is not enough to convince me that it is actually better.  At the end of the day, this is simply a weak argument that no one in my position will even accept the premise of the statement.  A vote against Romney and Obama, is a vote against Romney and Obama, and a vote FOR a better platform.
  2. “Anybody but Obama.”  This one actually terrifies me.  I am concerned about a Romney administration.  I am a little afraid of another 4 years of Obama.  But the “anybody but Obama” crown actually terrifies me.  It shows a great deal of desperation.  It means that people will vote for anyone that comes around that looks good, sounds good, and talks conservativish, but can’t prove that they are actually conservative by their history.  This time, that someone is Romney.  On what basis do we know Romney will be better than Obama?  His rhetoric during stump speeches and debates?  And even then, not all of what he says is better.  What in his history lends anyone to believe he will actually be better?  If Romney wins, those who voted for him may actually end up having voters remorse and long for the days of Obama.  How many people have you heard that now long for the days of Clinton?
  3. “If we keep voting for Republicans, they won’t drive us off the cliff as fast, and they may turn everything around.”  Sorry, but if you have made the shift I have, this just sounds like wishful thinking, and history is on my side of this argument.
  4. “Libertarians need to start with getting House and Senate candidates elected, so that when they have a president get elected, that president will have a party to work with.”  Libertarians already have candidates in most districts and senate races across the nation.  Gary Johnson is on the ballot in all 50 states.  There is an alternative party that is ready to lead now.  In his political ads, Gary asks everyone to “Be libertarian with me for one election.”  There are viable, alternative choices.
  5. “You can’t focus on minor issues and expect anyone to get on board.  We have bigger issues to deal with.”  Monetary policy is actually a big issue.  The need to audit and dismantle the federal reserve is actually quite desperate.  It is a large part of why the United States is near the financial cliff.  I wouldn’t call that a small issue.  Also, being the policemen of the world not only costs us trillions we will never recoup, but it costs us in treasure and blood that cannot be replaced.  Lets make sure that our military engagement anywhere in the world is just and appropriate.
  6. “What about issue(fill in the blank with whatever issue you choose)?  Don’t you think that (whatever party you plan to vote for) is a little off on this issue?:”  Honestly, they probably are.  I have some difficulty with Ron Paul’s foreign policy.  Not sure I am completely on board with it.  I have some trouble with the libertarian view on drugs that are currently illegal.  I also have difficulty with the Constitution party on marriage.  They work for a Constitutional amendment, and I think it is a matter for the church, not the state. At least they are working through the Constitutionally prescribed process, and not legislation that is in conflict with the Constitution, which is more than can be said for the Democrats or Republican.  But you will not get total agreement with any one candidate, unless it is you that you are voting for.
  7. “You’re looking for the perfect candidate, and that candidate does not exist.  You won’t totally agree with any one candidate, so why go outside of the 2 party system?”  I would vote inside of the 2 party system if I agreed with either of the platforms more than 60% of the time, at best.  But when I agree 97% of the time with an alternative candidate, why would I vote for someone I disagree with 40% of the time?  I do not expect to ever find a perfect candidate.  It is not possible.  I do expect to agree with a candidate on at least more than half of the issues.
  8. “You are throwing away your vote.  You might as well vote for Mickey Mouse, or not vote at all.”  I take citizenship very seriously, and find it appalling that anyone would waste their vote on a cartoon character.  I am also disturbed by the thinking behind the statement.  It implies that I have not really done my research on the candidates.  If you are in my position, that is not true.  By a long shot.  I have examined the history and platforms of the candidates, and weighed them against the Constitution.  They have been tried, they have been tested, and the 2 major parties have been found wanting.  A throw away vote is a vote for a candidate you really don’t believe in.  
  9. “We are a 2 party nation.  3rd parties don’t do anything but take votes away from the challenger and give the incumbent the win.” Then maybe the party you think I should vote for should clean up its act.  If they want my vote, they need to earn it.  And the Republican party was an alternative party once,  Then they won the Presidency.  Remember Abraham Lincoln?
  10. “We should absolutely vote our conscience in the primary, but we should vote to win in the general.”  No, no, no, a thousand times no.  Always vote your conscience.  The thinking that frames this question is one of the ways the 2 parties keep the rank and file voting for them.  Try voting your conscience all of the time.

Theological Considerations

  • My vote on Tuesday will not count.  Neither will yours.  The president is elected, not by the popular vote, but by the Electoral College, as it should be.  But that vote does not even count.  Only one vote does.  There is only One voter that chooses.  Read from Daniel 2:20 and focus on verse 21:

20Daniel answered and said: “Blessed be the name of God forever and ever, to whom belong wisdom and might.  21 He changes times and seasons; he removes kings and sets up kings; he gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding; 22 he reveals deep and hidden things; he knows what is in the darkness, and the light dwells with him.  23 To you, O God of my fathers, I give thanks and praise, for you have given me wisdom and might, and have now made known to me what we asked of you, for you have made known to us the king’s matter.”

  • Just because God has raised up a particular candidate to sit in the Oval Office, it does not mean that God is endorsing that candidates platform.  It simply means that the candidate that wins will serve God’s plan and purpose for a season, and once that purpose is fulfilled, then that candidate will no longer be in power. 

What Will Be True On Wednesday, Regardless of Who Wins on Tuesday

  1. God is still sovereign.
  2. Jesus still occupies the Throne in Heaven, and still reigns on earth.
  3. The Gospel is still true.
  4. Scripture is the Word of God and is still the best place to go to discern the will of God.
  5. The Church is still the Bride of Christ.  You cannot love Jesus and hate the Church.
  6. Jesus will still forgive and redeem us.
  7. The Kingdom of God will still expand.
  8. There will still be no corner of creation, where Jesus Christ, who is sovereign over all , that He will not cry out “Mine!”.
  9. Regardless of who wins, it will not be the end of this world, or the beginning of the next.
  10. Jesus will still need to come and make all things new.

Final Words of Advice for Those Voting on Tuesday

  1. Pray.  Pray for your vote.  Pray for those you will and will not vote for.  There will certainly be broken hearts on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning.  Many people have worked tirelessly, as volunteers, or underpaid staff, and have given their lives for candidates that will loose.  Pray also for our current and future political leaders.  Scripture commands it. (1Tim 2:1-2)
  2. Do not place your hope in a victorious candidate.  Place it is a Risen Savior.
  3. Vote.  Vote in such a way that your conscience will not keep you from sleeping Tuesday night.  If you have voters remorse, confess it.  Let Jesus be your hope and comfort, not your candidate of choice.  And remember, your vote does not count.  Only One vote does.
  4. If your candidates win, rejoice without being rude about it.  If your candidates loose, do not mourn as if the world has ended.

There it is.  Why I will not vote for Republicans and Romney, and Democrats and Obama.  Feel free to correct any factual information that is incorrect.  Feel free to debate any point, or points you disagree with me on.  Comments that are respectful, and on topic are welcome.  Comments that are neither respectful, nor on topic will be deleted and ignored.

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