After Giving Comcast 18 Months to Solve the Problem, I’m Done.

After fighting with Comcast for 18 months because their internet service only works 40% of the time, I decided to have a conversation with @ComcastCares on Twitter.  Today, they sent another tech in a long line of techs who are not rated to fix the problem that every one of them has told me exists.  The wire inside my walls is analog, and in order for the internet connectivity to work properly, a digital line must be installed.  I have called AT&T to see if they would like a shot at my money.  Waiting on the 21st for them to give it a try.  Below is the Twitter DM I have had.  After 18 months, I am done.


Me:I have 2 ticket # 476238968 and 029997850. There should be a tech scheduled for 7/12 to replace wire in the walls of my home. There should also be an email to financial services requesting some kind of refund/compensation for an issue 18 months long, and multiple techs being sent that cannot do the job. Also multiple reschedules without my knowledge. This is fixed on the 12th and I get a significant refund on service that only works 40% of the time, or I call ATT on the 13th.

Comcast: The current scheduled job is a service call, if there are multiple lines that need to be re ran then we will need to set this up as an install. How many cables need to be replaced and are they ran on the exterior of the home or fished inside the walls? -RTT

Me: I was told that someone replace the line in my home on 7/12. I only have internet through comcast, no other service. One outlet in the living room. Yes, inside the home, as I have already stated.

Comcast: The reason I want to clarify is that most areas do not do wall fishing. Did a field tech tell you that they could do that? -RTT

Me: Multiple techs have said it could be and needed to be done. Do not waste my time by sending another field tech that will tell me the same

Comcast: Ok great, if they have already said they could do it and they set that appointment then you should be good to go. Please let us know how the visit on the 12th goes. -RTT

Me: What is the status of the refund request that should have been submitted? Refund request should be in the notes for ticket #cr476238968

Comcast: That ticket is showing Intermittent Internet issues. What was the amount of the refund being requested? – CR

None was discussed. This has gone on for 18 months. Multiple techs sent that were not Internet works about 40% of the time. What kind of refund do you think is appropriate? I’ll help you out. How about 18 months of free service? CSR I spoke with offered to have it looked into.

Comcast: After looking through everything, I’m not entirely sure the tech scheduled now will be able to do the service. I’ve added an Installation on the account as well for July 14th from 5-7pm just in case – that way you’re not having to wait any longer. If you don’t need that appt, then I can simply cancel it. As for credit, I’ve applied two months worth of credit on your account for a total of $xx. -EM

Me: I was told that the tech coming on the 12th would be able to replace the cable inside the walls of my home. But I have been told that before I have rescheduled my own clients enough that I am no longer willing to do so. All I have available is Sunday. This has gone on long enough. Either the installer does the work on the 12th, or I find a different service. No one will be available on the 14th. I will not readjust my schedule any more to accommodate.

Comcast: And that’s a fair ask. I’m going to escalate it to the local market in your area to be SURE that the tech coming out will be able to resolve your issue once and for all. -EM

Me: Unsurprisingly, the tech certified to replace the wire in the walls of my home was not sent. The tech that was sent was kind, professional and informative. If I could, I would offer him a job in my company. The incompetence of your scheduling and customer service depts. is truly the stuff of legend. Never have I been lied to, and treated so poorly as I have with Comcast. I don’t really know what else to say. I have already posted the problem to my twitter followers and facebook friends. My business clients and contacts will be told over the next month or so. The ones that I have told about the problem have suggested alternatives I have already started looking into. I am also not sure what you can say to me. Responding with an apology and attempts to by sympathetic will be received as scripted corporate speak that was likely cut and pasted from company form responses. I do not believe a thing coming from the CS dept. How could I? Why should I? Finally, the tech you sent out had to be frustrated that he told me everything the previous 5 or 6 techs have told me. Nearly word for word. His time would have been better spent sending to a house with an issue he was actually trained to resolve. You owe him an apology as well as appropriate additional compensation for his time. How incredibly rude and inconsiderate on Comcast part. So, if you want to do something to resolve this that will be meaningful, you can give me 18 months of free internet only service, and get someone in here soon that can replace the old analog cable in the walls of my home, with a digital cable. If I were you, I would also expect communication from the Better Business Bureau as well. Probably should check for posting about this On Yelp in the next few days as well.

Comcast: 🙁 Let me get somebody in your local market to call you. What’s the best number to reach you at? -EM

Me: What would be the point? What has happened in the last 18 months would convince me that anything different would happen?

Comcast: They’re the Escalations Team. It’s the once team that handles issues like this to make it right. -EM

Me: I have been told they will call before, so I am not holding my breath. Best number at the moment is xxx-xxx-xxxx. I am serious about what I said about keeping me. No less than 18 months free internet AND a tech to fish wire from the walls. Anything less is unacceptable. Absolutely no negotiation. Make sure they know that before calling me. I will no longer waste my time. This entire conversation is likely to be posted on my blog and linked on twitter and facebook. Today.



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