I am Paul Quillman, and this is my little slice of the interwebs. I will mostly post in theology, but you will also find thoughts on culture as well. And a little on politics.

Comments are welcome. Bring your thoughts, ideas, disagreements and criticisms to the table. Please remember two things:

1) The default theological position of this blog is Reformed. While I may not agree with every single point of Reformed Theology, those points I may disagree on are VERY few.

2) The default political position of this blog is voluntaryist. I am opposed to extortion, theft and coercion, even if it is done by a state.

3) I generally despise moderating comments. I prefer to allow to say your peace. However, I do reserve the right to edit or remove comments that are excessively offensive. Unnecessary sexual comments will be deleted without explanation. Comments with excessive foul language will be edited, but if it continues, offending commentators will be removed. I don’t expect to have to do this, but just in case, you have been informed.

That being said, enjoy the blog:)

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